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Juggling work and home on an empty stomach

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Perfection is a disease which afflicts all women. The more successful and good-looking you are, the more susceptible you become. Even before you know, you are a part of the race to get a fatter salary and thinner waist. And soon enough you’ve lost compassion, kindness and time. Only for yourself though. To the rest of the world, you are all these things and more.

You find the time for the family function, board meeting and the colleague’s final divorce hearing. You have the compassion to support a charity for your city marathon, the kindness to cover the back of your (once again) faltering team-mate…etc. etc. However, you don’t have the time to exercise, the compassion to spare yourself if your jeans don’t fit you anymore or if you miss the deadline for a presentation, or the kindness to feed your stomach with food at regular intervals. Compassion and kindness need to be directed towards yourself before they can have any serious effect on the outside world.

Success succeeds if it comes with a happy stomach, lean body and a calm mind. For your stomach to be happy you will need to plan the way ahead. The exact same skills that help you succeed as a working woman (knowing the pulse of your market, anticipating change or movement and preparing for the challenges in advance) will help you keep the stomach happy and the mind calm.

Haven’t we all experienced how a happy stomach (that which is not stuffed or starving) is the key to good reasoning and decision making? We have also experienced how a sad (starving or stuffed) stomach will lead to irritability, bloating, gas, headaches and all the other emotional wear and tear.

Here are four basic things that will help you keep the stomach happy:

  1. Never leave home without eating. If running late, grab a banana/ handful of dry fruits and eat on the way to car/ bus/ train.
  2. Always keep a jar of peanuts/Walnuts in the office. The jar should never be empty below the half-way mark.
  3. Plan a day in advance for your 4-6 pm meal. It could be a grilled sandwich… anything you fancy. But needs to be planned a day in advance and never at the last minute.
  4. Always keep at least one eatable in your handbag. This is your fall-back option. When you are stuck in traffic/ train delay/ boring meeting, you can sneak your snack down and calm your nerves. The snack could be a fruit, a pint of soy milk, or yougurt.

Calmer Mind

  1. Remember, food is the key. Mental peace is the privilege of only those whose stomachs are happy. So food is step one. If you are not committed to eating right, forget about mental peace or calm.
  2. Nothing works like regularity in going to bed and waking up. Try and go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time daily.
  3. Don’t kill yourself over working out. Exercise works only on a well rested body. So if you are fighting fatigue after all the multitasking at home, work and social responsibilities, take a break and rest. Working out on a tired body invites injuries and some more fatigue.
  4. Know that stress and worry, even something as minor as traffic or bai not turning up, can push your body into a survival mode. This means that you start burning lesser calories from fat per minute.

So go easy on yourself and relieve yourself of perfection or the bane of multi-tasking. If your child forgot her math book in the car, or you got delayed by 15 minutes for an important meeting or the husband left a wet towel on the bed yet again, it’s still not the end of the world and it’s really not your fault.

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2 Responses to “Juggling work and home on an empty stomach”
  1. Pete Neel says:

    Awesome post, I\\\’ll certainly save this helpful post. Thanx for using your knowledge to write and upload helpful stuff like this. Kind regards Anita Fernandes

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  2. Terry Zeta says:

    This is something worth keeping and doing. I’m gonna try this one. Thanks for the post. 🙂

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