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Yoga’s Role In An Excercise Regime

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yoga-pose-locustPracticed in India for literally thousands of years, yoga is a system that has the potential to transform an individual at every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual! It works at the very root of a problem and helps the body to bring itself back into equilibrium.

The goal of yoga is a state of ‘samadhi’ (a state of bliss). Although this may seem abstract and strange at first, yoga does not teach abstraction. It simply takes you to the first step in the process, knowing that you will automatically progress. We start by being aware of the body, after which the concentration shifts to the breath, then the mind takes priority. With some effort and devotion the practice of yoga helps one to ultimately move beyond the mind to a state of constant awareness and bliss!

Yoga can easily be adapted for any person at any age and in any physical condition. Yoga has become more popular in recent years due to the many benefits that can be had from regular yoga exercises.

One of the great things about yoga is the fact that it is very powerful at relieving stress. For those people who are aware of how stress affects the condition of the skin and the aging process, it is easy to understand how powerful yoga can be to help wind back the clock.

By releasing stress from the body energy levels increase and allow you to participate in more activities. This in turn increases your physical fitness and mental fitness. With the ability to perform more physical activities the body becomes healthier stronger and effectively younger.

The suppleness that comes about from doing regular yoga exercises reduces the amount of aches and pains that we suffer as we get older. Having constant pain, and the energy that this saps from your body, is very often mirrored on the face, making you appear older.

Anti-Aging and yoga are very closely connected. Yogis look young even when they turn old because yoga involves less wear and tear of muscles. The muscle tone remains untouched, leading to a very healthy skin. The immunity of the body is increased because there are less toxins in the body leading to the body falling sick less often. Yoga works at all levels of the body to ensure that every aspect of the body’s functioning is smooth, balanced and in equilibrium!

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