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I Hate Cabbage!

March 21, 2009 by  
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Urggghhh the smell of boiled cabbage, the taste, the texture of raw cabbage…. Absolutely hate all forms and manifestations of cabbage. Might have something to do with the ‘cabbage soup’ my mum used to make and have us drink/eat because it’s ‘good for you’ (don’t ask, she had a lot of strange recipes). Anyway, whatever the reason you couldn’t pay me enough AIG retention bonus to touch the stuff. And I don’t much care for cauliflower or brussels sprouts (yet another type of cabbage!) either. However, I’m totally committed to eating healthy now so what’s an honest ‘gross-vegetable-hating’ gal to do? Turns out, the answer is really easy – find vegetables I love and load up on them! I’m talking broccoli, peas, carrots, string beans, okra, collard greens, spinach in any form (steamed, stewed, raw, nuked, dipped, moussed, quiched, basically I’m yet to find a ‘non-yummy’ spinach recipe). So that’s my plan, eat good food that I love not just because it’s ‘good for you’ and stay well away from ‘good for you’ food that I abhor. Figure I stand a better chance of keeping the diet changes permanent that way. What do you think?

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Losing Weight is Real Easy…

February 25, 2009 by  
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feetonscaleYup, I said it – losing weight is really the easy part. Keeping it off? Now that’s a completely different kettle of ‘high omega-3’ fish! (What’s a kettle of fish anyway..?) So I started this year (again) with a goal to really LOSE weight and keep it off. Truth is, the last time I successful ‘dieted’ was many moons ago at age 25 for my wedding day. Alas, over the years, I’ve developed and discovered too many bad eating habits of really really good food (ice cream, fried chicken, chocolate, wine). So what’s going to be different this time and will I really succeed? Well only time will tell but here are 3 steps I’ve decided to follow:

  1. Track what I eat: I’m using this free online program and so far it’s working out really great. I find myself actually looking forward to planning my meals and enjoying them and eating healthier and eating less:
  2. Track what I do: Using the same free program it’s real easy. Put in your activities and calculate how many calories you burn. The goal of course is to burn more than you eat.
  3. Mix it up: Keep my body guessing by varying the types/length of activities, types/amount of food intake. So some days I meet my goals, some days I exceed (slightly) and some days I stay below. I found that doing the same things and eating the same foods was a) incredibly BORING and b)not really producing results after the first few weeks. So for me, mixing it up increases my chances of sticking to the program and HOPEFULLY will result in losing and keeping the weight off this time around.

We’ll see. I’ll post an update in a few months to let y’all know how I’m doing. For now, here’s to a long happy and healthy life!

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